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One thing I wanted to be able to do with an iPad was setup a local development server so I could create sites on the move or make small edits without the need for using a desktop computer.

Well, setting up a development server unfortunately is not achieveable (I haven’t found a way) so the next best thing I wanted to do was edit files which I had setup on my desktop through MAMP – Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

Thankfully, Diet Coda & OS X makes this easy to do:

Setting Up OS X (Remote Sharing)

You first need to allow Remote Sharing in OS X. You can open up System Preferences by clicking the Apple, top left & then selecting System Preferences. Once in System Preferences you need to click Sharing (this can be found in the Internet & Wireless row) You will now need to allow Remote Sharing from the left hand menu and select the users you would like to have access.

Setting Up Diet Coda:

Site Settings:

Open up Diet Coda & click the [+]. You will now be presented with the Site Settings dialog box. this is where we will setup our localhost project.

Nickname: Enter your site title.
Root URL:  This is the IP which can be found under the heading Remote Login: On from your computer (From system Preferences > Sharing) e.g.
Remote URL: This is the path to your directory e.g. /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/

Connection Settings:

Protocol: SFTP
Server:  This is the IP which can be found under the heading Remote Login: On from your computer (From system Preferences > Sharing) e.g.
 Your selected User.
Password: The users login password.

Please note: You need your desktop turned on for this to work & a static IP if you want to do this on the move.