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Placing a single marker on a Google Map (Using API 3)

I have done a lot of work with Google Maps in Drupal 7 with getLocations. I am now building out my own custom map scripts to understand the full features Google has to offer & see what’s possible. In this example I am just placing a single marker on the map using London Eye’s latitude & […]


In this example we build a CSS & JS tabbed block

SVG techniques with fallback for older browsers

I tend to do the following method when using both SVG & PNG graphics in html code. Recently though I ran into a problem where the page was loading & I could see double graphics. First the SVG overlapped the PNG & then once the page had fully loaded the PNG was still slightly visible […]

Sass Mixin for SVG/PNG Fallback

For my work I am developing more mobile & retina websites. To make life easier when writing CSS we should all be using SASS. Below is a great mixin for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) with PNG fallback for older browsers (IE8 & below) Example One: This example loads in the SVG graphic but for older browsers […]

Setup Diet Coda to edit local files (localhost)

One thing I wanted to be able to do with an iPad was setup a local development server so I could create sites on the move or make small edits without the need for using a desktop computer. Well, setting up a development server unfortunately is not achieveable (I haven’t found a way) so the […]