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In Drupal 7 there are loads of different mapping solutions but none of them would achieve all functionality which I required whilst developing sites. An example of this is Get Locations. Get Locations has loads of functionality but it can’t integrate with solr or search API.


My goal during miggle 10% is to create a module which supplies a field formatter to display one marker on a node (could be used to show the location of a business, a school, a theme park, etc).

Below is a list of all functionality which I would like to see available.

  • Create a module which has a field formatter & views integration.
  • Allow the module to be used by an admin (field formatter, show a single marker on the map)
  • Allow developers to have access the map & marker information via JS so modules can interact with the map.
  • Create a views format so you can show multiple marker on the map.