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A blog by Ian Wright - Front-end web developer

Each week at miggle we get the benefit of 10% time. 10% time is to allow developers expand their learning knowledge on something they think will help increase and benefit their work. For me, I use this time to expand my understanding of Drupal 8.

My passion is front-end development and I have done quite a bit of front-end work in Drupal 8 but once you understand the changes there isn’t too much of a difference between the versions. [Post available soon]

What about Drupal 8 module development?

Apart from front-end I also have a passion for mapping, especially Google maps. Because of this I want to learn more about Drupal 8 module development. I have looked into module development in the past and know it has changed quite a lot so for my 10% time I wanted to build out a custom field formatter for the geofield module.

My Diary will take you through the learns and struggles I come up against during the development cycle of the field formatter and hopefully at the end I will have a working module.